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In America, whoever has the big bucks controls how things are run. With money, there is no boundary to what can be done. According to the video, “Food Inc.” a perfect sample of the want for more is in the food industry. The narrator makes the argument that profit is put before the consumer’s welfare, the heritage of the American farmer, workers safety, and our precious environment (Food Inc.) in many major corporations. I firmly believe that these corporations have put to the side and have purposely tried to hide the actuality about how unhealthy the food they create truly is for the American community. The documentary “Food Inc.” produced by Robert Kenner and Eric Schlosser, takes an in depth look at America’s food business and the awful but…show more content…
(Food Inc.) The narrator gives facts on how we as customers get to enjoy ‘tomatoes’ all year round. He states that they were “grown half way around the world, picked when it was green and ripened with ethylene gas” (Food Inc.). This is meant to inform the audience that what they are eating isn’t what it seems. Just like the rest of the vegetables in the supermarket that is not labeled “organic”. We rarely think completely about where the food we eat comes from and how is it produced. "Food, Inc.", a frank and sometimes grisly expose of the profit-driven food profession in the United States, is sure to shake up our views of what we eat. Factory system was conveyed to the back of the kitchen, after which food began to be formed on assembly lines. From the film, we can see that health and safety are frequently ignored by those companies, and are often overlooked by government in an struggle to provide cheap food heedlessly of these bad penalties. According to data, 70% of antibiotics are used on farm animals. By the work of antibiotics and hormone, the prices of food manufacture are lower and lower. But cheap food today might be a untrue economy as we might end up paying a lot more in medicinal bills in the future. Because hormone abuses might affect human’s endocrine, and antibiotic misuses will lead to drug tolerance, which may influence the handling of

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