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Kiara Edwards 8/1/2010 Human Nutrition Test Essay 2 Does anyone really know what we are eating? After viewing the documentary Food Inc I have a totally different outlook on the food that many of us consume every day. My daughter, Kiryana my niece, Samya and nephew Xavier watched the video with me they had so many questions ranging from what are they doing to the chickens, why are they hurting the baby chicks, to comments such as auntie I don’t think I want to eat chicken anymore. The Food Inc documentary introduced many people to America’s industrialized food system and its effect on our environment, health, economy and workers' rights. These images of smiling farmers, fields of wheat, hens and their chicks, with cows peacefully grazing in fields actually hides the reality of how a handful of multi-national corporations now control the majority of North American food production.This documentary talked about several issues such as Factory Farming and how approximately 10 billion animals…show more content…
Many fruits and vegetables have a certain time of year that they are plentiful however they are now modified to ripen before their season. The majority of the meats in the meat department are boneless. Hamburgers have E. coli and it has proven to be fatal. Soy and corn are patented and owned by the world’s largest genetically modified organism company in the world Monsanto. Farmers are persecuted and sued for accidentally infringing on Monsanto’s seed “rights”. More than 70% of processed foods on American shelves contain genetically modified ingredients. Can you believe that meats and milk from cloned animals will soon be on American food shelves? Cheap genetically modified corn is fed to cows, chickens and even farmed salmon. More than 30% of America’s land base is planted with corn. I also learned that corn is in almost everything we

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