What's Underneath The Veil Essay

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Sabrina Madrid Professor Vazquez English 101 23 February 2012 What’s Underneath The Veil Prior to viewing the documentary Food, Inc. I had no previous knowledge of the food that I was consuming may be bad for me. Not just bad for me health wise, but bad for the economy and bad for the society in general. After watching the documentary I had a reality check as to what is being done in the food industry as a whole and what us as consumers can do about it. I strongly believe Food, Inc. has a clear message behind it and everyone in America should see the documentary. I bet a handful of people will have the same response I did and say, “Wow I really had no idea that chicken or pig went through all those machines before being put on my dinner plate”. Food, Inc. reveals surprising and often shocking truths about what we eat, how it's produced, who we have become as a nation, and where we are going from here. Food, Inc. I believe started off as…show more content…
Lower income families tend to buy the cheap unhealthy food over the healthier food due to the fact that it is less expensive. In the long run it is actually more expensive because of the medical issues that come with an unhealthy eating style. High blood pressure, diabetes and obesity are medical conditions that can literally take money out of our pockets. The Food Trust strives to make healthy food available to all. According to the founder of The Food Trust, she states “ Our goal is to work with neighborhoods, schools, grocers, farmers and policymakers, we've developed a comprehensive approach that combines nutrition education and greater availability of affordable, healthy food.( Carolyn Latimore, PhD). So their is that fine line of contradiction that America faces where do we spend our money, fast food that is “cheaper” or the healthy food that is better for

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