Food, Inc.: Documentary Summary

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1. After watching the documentary I believe that animals do deserve to have a certain quality of life, because imagine if you were a cow standing in a foot of feces all day long and eating in the same place. I’m pretty sure that you would feel disgusted. Unfortunately, cows can’t talk and express themselves so they have no clue of what’s going on. I certainly do believe that cows should be treated for real food and not focused on overproducing and fixated on money. I wish I can say that us human’s should have full responsibility on our food due to the fact that our so called government is controlling our food. The FDA is letting meat pass that shouldn’t be passed. I would suggest that humans have the right to know every little detail of what we are consuming. It’s absolutely not right for someone higher than us to control our food. We should all have the same rights. The responsibility that we individuals have is none. What I mean by that is we don’t have any control or responsibilities on anything. Like I said the government has full demand of our food that we consume every day. 2.…show more content…
As consumers we should have every right to know how animals are being raised. From my own experience, I never knew what the word process ever meant. Until I reached high school and saw the documentary on Food, Inc. That documentary changed my whole perspective on our food. I couldn’t tell you how disgusted, furious, annoyed and agitated I was from the look of those poor cows. This is not right. We should not feed/treat our food this way. Food, Inc. did a great job on almost not making me eat any meat at all. Thankfully, we have wonderful farmer markets that offer fresh and organic food that is not covered in pesticides and all other

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