Gmo Is Bad for Health Essay

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Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) is one of the most important issues from around the world. GMOs are special organisms in which the genetic material has been altered for improvement productivity and product quality. GMOs have raised concerns over their own beneficial in that they are resistant to disease, help humans suffering from famine, produce greater yields, and improve the nutrition of foods. Having foods is very important to human life to maintain good health and to survive. It is not secret that GMO-ed foods have spread out rapidly to the whole world. If we could not stop the proliferation of GMO, we should know why it is harmful to our health and how we can prevent it. First of all, GMOs are harmful to our health. Second, transgenic crops lead to serious destruction of the environment and have contaminated organic crops. Third, major companies, which work closely with GMOs, intend to monopolize market-foods. Finally, to prevent GMO, it should be labeled and people should be recognized how dangerous GMO for us. First of all, in the fact that mankind doesn’t have tried to eat GMOs injected a gene from another species, GMOs will not be ensured food security unlike proven organic foods which has been eaten for human history. In despite of the dangerousness, the foods have still been on our table without verification. No one can guarantee that how GMOs’ side effects will be long-term and continuous and proving safety is beyond the capabilities of current technology. Supporters of genetic engineering argue that the application of biotechnology to improve the nutritional contents of various foods will help people who suffer many deficiency diseases. Also, they claim that GM foods can yields medical benefit by injecting a particular genes or vaccine. However, GMOs are only a temporary measure, not the fundamental solution for nutritional improvement of foods and

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