Big Cheese Case Study

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1.) Three appropriate actions taken by The Big Cheese staff: * As for every Food and Beverage Manager or Director, when an employee feels ill or under the weather sending them home is essential. Not having any type of sick employee or disease around the food product will lessen the risk of any customer obtaining sickness from the employee. * Even though Gypsy was looking out for the best of the customer and business, she cannot throw full plates of food in the kitchen. It is significantly unprofessional by acting the way she did by arguing to the point that the customers heard her and throwing the plate. By her being sent home immediately, it shows that there is no place for unprofessionalism within the restaurant. * Three inappropriate actions taken by The Big Cheese staff: * When an employee is sent home due to illness, whoever next in charge needs to be aware of the situation and complete tasks that are needed. Employees such as another Warehouse Supervisor, Assistant Manager, or General Manager have to fill the task of receiving and storing the food delivery. Having absolutely no one on the receiving end of the delivery is irresponsible and shows lack of management. Management has to assign someone to the duty so the delivery is not 3 ½ hours late. * As a cook in a restaurant, it is tough with the high amount of orders in a fast pace environment. People make mistakes and when a waitress admits to her mistake and conveys that the customer is extremely allergic to shrimp, the cook needs to have the decentsy of knowing that by picking the shrimp off the plate by his fingers in highly inappropriate in any environment. * As for the waitress Gypsy, admitting to her mistake and asking for a new plate is what is expected. The way to react to such a rude act by Mario the cook does not entail her to argue back with Mario and proceed
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