Returning To College After High School

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College right after highs school is not for everyone. I do believe that all people can benefit from a college degree when the time is right for them. Returning to college later in life can be the result of real life career experience and the realization of what it really takes to get ahead in life. Motivation, learning style, and career goals can have a great impact on your success or failure as an adult student. I tried college right after high school but dropped out because I felt like I was wasting time and money. I told myself that when I decided what to major in I would go back and get my degree. I have been working as the office manager of a long term care facility and realized that my career path has reached its max potential with out a degree. My experience working with the accounts receivable and accounts payable and monitoring the financial process of a business has awakened my desire for more out of my career. At this point in my life I would love to move into the corporate level but need the college degree to do so. I am at a…show more content…
This classification fits me perfectly. I am self-motivated and goal oriented. I like to work independently and like to get credit for my work. I was recently promoted and moved to a larger long term care facility that increased my work load and required me to work with three other office staff. In my previous facility I was the only person in charge of accounts receivable. At first I had a hard time adjusting to this new environment and I kept having confrontations with a co-worker. I was in charge of training and teaching her the job and thought she lacked motivation. I was continuously repeating what I had taught her. I would often complete her work just to have it done and to improve the results of the department. As the head of the department I was the one who would receive the

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