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A Critique of “The Common App Fallacy” By Damon Beres Damon Beres was freshman in college at New York University in 2007, in his article “The Common App Fallacy he not only criticizes the common application, but the college of board as well. The College Board is responsible for managing the online applications for Universities. Beres is mad at the fact that their institution has made the procedure an easy and public one. How important is getting a degree and finding a job within your career for you? Most be thinking very important right…… Well Damon Beres expresses how he felt about the process of getting into his dream college. We all know that of course college is no easy game, nor a fun relaxing process to begin with. Beres talks about…show more content…
This article is based upon different type of fallacies Beres uses to tell his audience that the Common Application process is a waste of many, and doesn’t give the students what they deserve. He uses Appeal to Ignorance when he talks about how those who have a high SAT score and “mommy and daddy credit card isn’t maxed out”. So what if their parents are working hard for this kids? Appeal to Popular Opinion by saying “kids are taking spots at universities that they may, in fact, have little to no interest in.” How can afford to go to a university that will cost at least 30K to graduate just because they don’t like it? He mentions that’s X amount of Y students got accepted into a particular college, but doesn’t talk about how many percentage of Y actually meet the requirements of their “dream”…show more content…
How can Beres prove that the money is really going to waste? How does he know that those funds aren’t being used to help the medical students get a better clinical? I agree that every student deserves to get into their “dream” college, so not only will the common app help with get there but also help start them with the path they need to be on. Just because so many of the applicants who applied didn’t get accepted doesn’t mean they weren’t being given a chance. I wonder what percentage of those students who didn’t get accepted withdrew the opportunity themselves because they couldn’t afford it once they got accepted. There can be so many reason why the school doesn’t accept 10K students a semester; by the way who wants to learn with another 1,000 students in the classroom. Beres doesn’t take the time to elaborate on different factors that come with college admission but instead attacks the College Board for no apparent reason. He has a valid claim that yes students’ needs to be given the chance, but lacks the supporting warrants he could have made. Instead of bashing the College Board about the common app he could have made a valid case by questioning the rising of college tuition which is a main factor that students aren’t

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