Short Summary: The Out Of Touch Party

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The Out of Touch Party DAIDRIC D. YOUNG COMM/215- ESSENTIALS OF COLLEGE WRITING November 20, 2012 Dr. SHEILA BASSOPPO-MOYO The Out of Touch Party The Republican Party has leaned so far to the right that as a whole they have lost connection with the most average American voter. Their positions on government health care, women’s reproductive care, education, immigration reform, and same sex marriage are all contrary to emerging thoughts of a young and new generation of voters. These views reflect a timeworn mentality that has to change if the GOP plans to make a return to power. Taking a closer look at these platform issues, the party has an uphill battle ahead of them. The GOP base tries to deter attention away from their prehistoric views…show more content…
Early education programs such as, the Head Start program was on top of the list for budget cuts. That would affect the kick start to learning that has been around for generations of young learners to take advantage of. Most American families are in favor of having an early learning program in their community. Studies show that kids the kids that participate in an early learning program develop a greater aptitude for learning and are accepted to better universities. Seems like the GOP does not understand that even though the average family can’t afford to send their kids to a top tier university does not mean they do not want to take advantage of early learning. Romney, the GOP nominee, was talking to students in Ohio and told them if you want to go to college to just borrow money from their parents. That statement along with the GOP opposing the Presidents student loan reform shows that the party is not connected with average American. Also part of the education cuts was to limit funding for public schoolteachers. Finding and keeping good teachers cost money. You cannot say that you plan to cut teachers and expect college students to enter the teaching career…show more content…
Most Americans agree with their views on Welfare reform, stabilizing the housing market, and job creation. Like in all things there is always more than one right way to get something done. At the end of the day both parties want what is best for the American people. With the Presidential election being four years out the Republicans have time to revamp their views and align them with the average American. Issues that are important to women and minorities should be the main focus of their platform. The younger generations of voters are more open minded to change and not afraid of doing things different. Overall the party needs to embrace the changing society in which we live and stop excluding the poor. References Allen, P. (2012, September). GOP out of touch with average Americans. Retrieved from Arguing Equality. (2011, May). A Matter of Justice. Retrieved from Kendall, N. (2012, August). Republican Party erodes women's reproductive rights. Retrieved from Obama plans to focus on DREAM Act. (2012, October). Retrieved from Strauss, V. (2012, Aug). What GOP platform says on education. Retrieved from

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