Persuasive Essay On The Great Gatsby

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SAT Essay I do believe success can be disastrous because no matter how hard one persists in achieving a certain dream failure can still result. In life success is to be achieved through an individual’s hardest persistence. Persistence is greater than ability in that you need to try harder than you may know you are capable of. There are negatives and positives to every decision even when you think the end of the tunnel has been reached. In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald Mr. Gatsby throws numerous extravagant parties inviting many people from the town. He entertains with the desire to win Daisy’s love and live happily forever with her. While Gatsby is waiting for Daisy to come down the stairs he states, “ Her voice is full of money”, meaning she is full of pride and knows others must try and succeed at winning her love as this was Gatsby’s goal. Although Tom realized his beloved Daisy and Gatsby was having an affair. Gatsby persisted in trying to get Daisy to tell Tom she no longer loved him, even if she once did. Sometimes in the fight for success a life is laid down so that peace may be brought…show more content…
Once a 18-19 year old gets their high school diploma they may believe the “ worst years are behind us” phrase but this is false. There will be struggles and your parent will not be there to help you succeed A college student must succeed in getting a job, doing well, making money there and paying for their gas, food, laundry, and books for school. The typical college student must earn scholarships just to get college, if not they’re in a bind. A college degree is not a passage to success. Sometimes the person without the college degree ends up with the less disastrous life; just because one is successful in one area of life success can still result in disaster in another. Even when you think you have life figured out, time changes, career choices change, and jobs are

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