Is College Worth the Cost

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Is going to college really worth it? There is no doubt about it, the rising cost of tuition in this country is making college a worse and worse deal for American students. The college costs are rising faster than health care or gas prices in most cases students tend to say that if a teacher has a top student, he or she is the one who gets good grades. However, according to Education Sector, a non-profit education think tank, only 57 percent of bachelor degree students graduate in six years. Colleges restrict young people’s lives because after college they have debt of $50,000 or more to repay due to student loans. Furthermore college graduates are not getting jobs so paying off their loans is difficult if not impossible. A student by the name of Trina Thomas sued Monroe College because after graduation she could not get a job although she had her degree. These problems are part of why many teenagers ask the question, what sense does it make if when we graduate we cannot get a job to repay school loans? Based on an article by Financial Contributor, Ray Martin, he asserts that a myth buster is going around for students, for instance it easy to get over-borrow money. There is no possible way we can borrow money and at the end of college, find a job to support ourselves and repay the loan in the form of student loans of over $25,000. Based on the article this generation is hobbled by the soaring cost of college: for all borrowers, the average debt in 2011 was $23,300 with a 10 percent owing more than $54,000 and 3 percent more than $100,000, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York reports. If one is not thinking about where this is headed over the next two to three years he or she is completely missing the warning signs because when he or she comes out of college owing money, it will hold that individual back from starting the rest of his or her life. I’m not saying
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