Should College Students Get Paid Too Much

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Spending More Money Just To Make Less It should come to no surprise to many Americans that America’s current economic situation is in rough waters. America as a country is in trillions of dollars of debt and a portion of that debt comes from the nation’s collective student loans. According to Ron Lieber from the New York Times the nation’s collective student loan balance hits $1 trillion and continues to rise each year with the rise in student tuition. There needs to be put an end to this inflation in college tuition each year due to the fact that countless students have to pay for their educations. Many students have to take out loans and are going into several thousands of dollars of debt much of which they are not able to pay off…show more content…
But this is unfair to the students whose parents make too much annually to qualify for government assistance. If the tuition rates were to stop increasing more students would be able to afford and attend college without the extra needed support from the government. Getting into college shouldn’t be based on how much money you have but on how well you preformed in high school and deserve to be there. It’s not fair or right for someone to have all the money in the world to get into Harvard who isn’t all that intelligent when someone who does get into Harvard but can’t afford to go due to the $55,000 year tuition cost. If all the colleges were on a more even level playing field for cost your acceptance into college would be based solely on your previous academic achievement not who you are or how much money you have. While there are several reasons for the ever-increasing cost of college, most of it can be attributed to the increase in spending. I will now present ways to decrease the expenses that colleges…show more content…
For the majority of college athletes their athletic career ends after college, yet we’re giving them money to play that sport. We are putting in these kids heads these hopes and dreams of going on after college and becoming a professional athlete when in reality the likelihood of that is very slim. So why then are we putting so much money into college athletics? If anything we should be giving out more academic scholarships for athletes like at D3 schools where your given money based on your academic success not how well you play a sport. Their potential for success can go on past their college years with academic scholarships so why are we giving out athletic scholarships when the majority of the time you reach your highest potential after 4 years. Granted there are a select percentage of college athletes that go pro but in all sports the percentage is no more than 1.7 percent except for baseball. But take those numbers and compare it to the amount of high school students that are given college athletic scholarships. Around 2 percent of high school students are given athletic scholarships but not all those that go on to play pro are given scholarships. And even if the majority of college athletes that got scholarships make it to the pros, why are we putting so much money into

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