Why Do College Athletes Pay To Play

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Pay To Play? College athletes juggle busy academic schedules and practice schedules throughout stressful weeks of the year, so shouldn’t they be compensated for the time dedicated to their college teams (football, American football, basketball etc.). From the start of higher education, college athletes have never been adequately financially rewarded for their efforts in sports. Athletic scholarships are a form of scholarship which allows its pupils to attend a college or a private high school. These are awarded to an individual based predominantly on his or her ability to play in a sport. Athletic scholarships are very common in the United States, but in many countries these scholarships are very rare. Full scholarships cover tuition fees,…show more content…
The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) are an association that regulates athletes of 1,281 institutions, conferences, organizations, and individuals that organizes the athletic programs of many colleges and universities in the United States and Canada .It is committed to providing opportunity for more than 450,000 college student-athletes who compete annually in college sports. There are many British Universities who offer Athletic scholarships, such as Stirling University and Leeds University which was the first university in Britain to offer Athletic Scholarships. In Britain, the number one place to gain a sporting scholarship is at the University of Coventry, which has a success rate for students furthering their sporting careers of 89%. Countries like Spain, Canada and Australia, also offer Athletic Scholarships. Of course many athletes receive scholarships, but young financially underprivileged students can't always balance school, athletics, and a job. Because of this, college athletes should be paid for playing for their college to firstly, help them financially accommodate their expensive lifestyles, give them the money they played hard to earn, carry on their academics and finally to allow for stress free recuperation

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