Personal Narrative: How Student Athletes Should Be Paid

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How Student-Athletes Could Be Paid and its Effects Ever since I was a little girl, I would sit on the couch with my two older brothers, wearing my favorite college football player’s jersey. We would watch the college teams play, screaming at the television, arguing at a referees call or disapproving at a quarterback’s decision. Then after the game, my brothers would plug in their Xbox 360 and play the latest version of the NCAA football video game. They would pick the team with their favorite player that they had been cheering on when we were watching the game on the television. Just recently, a question crossed my mind after I had watched my brothers do this routine for so long now. Why don’t these football players get paid? I wear jerseys with their names on the back, I buy tickets to their games, I watch them play on television all the time, and my brothers are constantly playing video games with the players image in it. But somehow, the only compensation they get is there scholarship. The football players don’t get any of the extra money that they are bringing in for the National Collegiate Athletic Association or for their schools. I wanted an answer to my question, so I researched the suggestions of how athletes should…show more content…
He is an award-winning performance coach with the Human Performance Institute and a professor at the University of Tampa and the University of South Florida. He suggested that they turn these college athletes into professionals. The players would sign contracts to play at a school and receive a certain amount of money. The amount of money the athlete received would depend on how good they were, but all the contracts would guarantee money for room and board and free academic classes until they earned a degree. Ultimately, division 1 college basketball and football would turn into an age 23 and under professional league

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