Why College Athletes ShouldnT Get Paid To Play

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College athletes are among the most talented and skilled players of their game. The schools are separated into divisions; the athletes’ skills are usually as good as their division. The big question is should these athletes be paid for playing? When students were asked this question in a survey, 55% answered “NO”, 10% answered “MAYBE” and the last 35% answered “YES”. About 25% of each school is made up of athletes, they are made up of people who play football, basketball, beach volleyball, are on the rowing team, etc. It is most likely that all of these people answered “YES” to this survey so really, there are about 10% of students who actually believe athletes should get paid. Why should they get paid though; some are already getting full ride scholarships, they are doing it voluntarily and there are privileges that come along with being an athlete. In high school, athletes who excel among their peers are usually looked at by a college scout, a person who looks for good players who are eligible to play at their school. When these athletes’ skills are extraordinary and are able to impress the scout, they are many times given full scholarships to the college with the condition that they play for the school’s team. The amount of money that some of these players are offered is absolutely ridiculous, when the player is really good, with starter skills, he or she is usually given a scholarship big enough to pay off school expenses, living expenses and leisure expenses. This scholarship ordeal is not just something a few schools do, but something all of them do. They have had their school paid for because they can play a game well. Many times, athletes get more scholarships than people who excel academically do. In a way, because of scholarships, many players, especially the really good ones are already getting paid to play. Another reason why these players should
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