Overcompetitive Sports Essay

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Most people are over-competitive when it comes to sports. For a while now, many people over-react because their favorite team loses a game, or the opposing team scores on them. One of the most popular sports in America, and the one that many people care about, is football. Those that are obsessed with football tend to over-react about the small things that happens in the game. I am not much of a football fan myself, but my friend and his family are. When I go over to his house, most of what his parents talk about is football. I have watched a game with him and his parents, and when something goes wrong in the game, they get too angry and just completely over-react about it. Football is also very over-competetive. To the fans watching the game, it is always about winning and never losing. It sometimes gets to a point where people start to bet money and lose it all. The location also has a large impact of how competitive the people are. There are other countries where football is not a major sport and people don"t really care about it, and there are also countries like America where football is a big sport. I have lived in other places and found that people never talk about football because no one cares about it. Football is just another one of those over-competetive sports that people should just stop caring so much about. Instead, fans should just watch the sport for fun and enjoy it rather than getting angry over

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