How College Sports Effect Education

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How college sports affect education Abby Dyk 1. Introduction Have you ever thought athletics where valued more than schooling in your university? What makes these students viewed differently than the rest? The positive and negative effects of college sports have on education. College sports gives students an advantages in education due to GPA restrictions, study table times, and mandatory grade checks to continue with their sport and continue receiving scholarships. 2. In high school I participated in sports all for years. It took more time and effort than you’d think, and college your seasons are longer and more intense, so it makes it even harder to deal with everything else. But being part of a team makes you feel part of something more and gets you closer to people you wouldn’t normally be around. When you are part of a team, you don’t want to let them down so you give your all and you do whatever to stay part of the team. If you get the opportunity to be a team caption, it gets you even more involved and makes you deal with the team as a whole and you gain leadership skills. 3. a. Athletes are a part of something more than the sport itself. i. They learn how to play together. ii. They learn how to depend on others. iii. How to be leaders or followers. iv. Gives you a work ethic. v. Gives you a drive or motivation for school. vi. Health benefits. vii. Working to achieve something greater. b. Positive effects of Education in athletes. viii. You have to maintain a certain GPA. ix. Attending study tables is also mandatory. x. You must finish your homework before you are able to leave for a school event. xi. You learn to stay organized and on top of things. c. Benefits athletics brings to Schools.
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