Should Student Athletes Get Improper Benefits Essay

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Written Commination 3/23/2012 How tired are you of hearing about student athletes receiving improper benefits? We all are fed up with this issue, mostly because it doesn't seem to be going away. Every year there are new reports, and the improper benefits these student athletes receive seem to only increase. The reports of student athletes receiving improper benefits is a disturbing issue that is wrong on so many levels; not only are the athletes embarrassing themselves, the universities are as well. There’s no doubt student athletes need to be compensated for their hard work, and for the revenue they bring to their universities; however they are already being compensated. If a Division I college gives an athletic scholarship to a student, that student now has a free ride to a school where non-athletes pay tens of thousands of dollars per year in tuition. Should he also receive a salary in addition to his scholarship? Free, or even reduced, tuition from partial scholarships is compensation enough. Also, there are several perks student athletes already receive: priority scheduling, excused absences and meal plans - just to name a few. Student athletes receiving improper benefits have become so common that a lot of star athletes actually choose their school by which is willing to pay more or by which school can assist them in other ways…show more content…
As the NCAA puts it, “Student athletes must, therefore, be students first.” If a student athlete is supposed to be a student first, adding money to the equation will not enhance their education. The purpose of attending college is to educate one’s self, and find a career that is worth pursuing. The money will come later; just like for students who are not athletes. College is a time where one works hard in hope of reaping the benefits in the future; not

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