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In many communities today, High School sports run the town. Many families start their children out playing sports at an early age. Starting early makes some people think their child will be a better player. Children introduced to sports like this sometimes come to love sports. Playing sports can have a great effect in communities and can make students look forward to playing sports in high school. The effects playing high school sports keeps attendance up in school, grades in good standing, and team work and skill,. Sports today in some communities are a big thing. Being able to play well is even bigger. Students know that having the ability to play involves going to school. You must be a full time student to play sports. Making students attend school keeps them out of trouble and off the streets. It allows them to be recognized by other local high schools and other athletes. Being able to play sports is also a privilege. Many athletes know that their classroom performance is very important. Making good grades provides a better student first and then a great athlete. In many communities and high school, if you don't make the grades you don't play, or in some cases even make the team. The importance of grades is also must for students who are pursuing an athletic scholarship. Being good in a sport does not mean you will automatically go to college. High school sports have the effect of teaching team work and skill. Being able to work with other shows the ability to adapt and gives students the chance to know other students. Teamwork can be used in school classrooms and on jobs. Having the skill to work with other will allow students to get something done that they may not be able to do on their own. One more effect of sports in high school is the ablilty to be physically fit. Students who play sports can be picked out automatically most of the time.

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