Student Athletes Career Skills

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Student Athletes are Career and Life Ready Student athletes are a very unique group at any university campus. student athletes take the NAIA five core characters values very seriously. They are respect, responsibility, integrity, servant leadership and sportsmanship. While spending time on practice and competition with their teams, they are also committing themselves to being a full-time student, which is not always easy to balance. Clearly, many student athletes are very dedicated to their sport and their teams. Some are working in hopes of furthering their athletic careers, while others know this is an opportunity to participate in sports to make enduring friendships and learn valuable life sills. student athletes model integrity, respect and responsibility on and off the field. Regardless of which path a student athlete pursues, it is likely that eventually they will end up in a non-athletic career. The likelihood of making it to the professional level of athletics from college is very low, typically 1 or 2% depending on the sport. Moreover, the typical length of a professional career as an athlete is rather short. However being a student athlete offers a lot of skills and traits that can spark the interest of a potential employer or be helpful skills as a current student. We call these “transferable skills” since these are broad skills that are valuable to have as an athlete, but also just as valuable to have as a student or potential employee. Some examples of transferable skills for student athletes include the following: * Understanding the value of teamwork * Competitive nature * Handling pressure well * Coachable and willing to learn * Great sense of discipline * Strong work ethic * Understanding the importance of preparation * Seeks and loves a challenge * Self-motivated * Mentally tough Additionally, in a job

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