Ap English 1 Community Service

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Victoria DiGiovanni The majority of high schools are now requiring a certain amount of community service hours in order to graduate. Most students see this as a chore, but just how beneficial is it? Community service improves the student’s character, exposes the student to new interests, and benefits the student’s future. Mandatory community service enhances these advantages. A student’s participation in various activities throughout the community opens the door to not only a better society, but also an improvement in the student’s morality and character. The Dalton School’s mission statement argues that one who is involved in community service “will feel a sense of accomplishment” and their ability to connect with others is enriched. Being that technology is so advanced these days, students are commonly dependent on their electronic devices to get them through the day. Such devices set students back from lending a hand to others due to the fact that they are often distracted by social media and improving society’s view of themselves. By requiring students to take a break from technology and lend a helping hand, they become better people because the student then realizes the importance of human interaction and how just a simple smile can brighten someone’s day. In this aspect, future participation is prominent. Stepping outside a comfort zone plays a tremendous role on finding one’s specific interests and true personality. Mandatory community service exposes students to certain experiences in which the student may discover a hidden talent or passion for. Often, students who perform community service in order to graduate consider it a chore, however that is not the case for John Prueter. According to an article written for The Detroit News in 2005, Prueter discovered his dream job by volunteering his time at retirement homes for the elderly. Certain schools

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