George Brown Stakeholder Analysis

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Stakeholder Analysis Stakeholder Customer: George Brown College Major Responsibility or Contribution: To increase income and boost the morale of George Brown College students. Project will add another source of income for the school by keeping the current students enrolled. By reducing the student turnover rate, George Brown College will continue to generate revenue and increase school funds. Stakeholder Project Users: George Brown College Students Major Responsibility or Contribution: The goal of George Brown students is for them to use the facility. Students are encouraged to use the daycare, dining area and game room, because it gives them a chance to relax and allow them to recuperate. By allowing the students to get more…show more content…
They will also make necessary adjustments to the wiring in the new area that is being built. Stakeholder Subject Expert: Financial Planner Major Responsibility or Contribution: The purpose of the financial planner is to help manage our budget, cash flow, and reduce the cost of the project when necessary. They will also create a detailed strategy tailored to project so it can meet its specific budget. Subject Expert: Marketing Team Major Responsibility or Contribution: The marketing team will make the students aware of project by designing posters and flyers. They will also incorporate advertisements into the George Brown College website. Stakeholder Project Manager: Adriana Marques, Kevin Goncalves, Summer , Stephane , Ivanna Serdechna Major Responsibility or Contribution: Our goals as project managers are to make sure the tasks of project are running smoothly, and to fix any minor delays within the project as soon as possible. Also, to have the project completed and readily available to the students of George Brown

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