Jrotc Program Research Paper

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JROTC builds team work and helps you build responsibilities. You always have to put in effort to get a good outcome. You have to come motivated to class, or you won't achieve many things. JROTC motivates teens to become better citizens. The program gives you challenges and opportunities to become a better citizen. The instructors are not like teachers, they put in an effort for you to actually try and build up. You do leadership tasks; you help younger teens, participate in things that other teens don't get to participate in. The class isn't boring, you’re always learning about new things, we do weekly current events, and uniform wear. Wearing uniform teaches us responsibility; we have to make sure that our uniform is in order, and has everything on correctly. The JROTC program also develops character, leadership, discipline, and teamwork throughout the whole program. You learn how to drill cadets, which develops teamwork and discipline. When you get into a higher rank you get more advanced in leadership in drill. Many of the JROTC cadets do not end up like the students that do not take the class. Most of the students that don't take the class end up in bad situations. The JROTC program doesn't make you continue to be a…show more content…
Over the course you start to get more confident with yourself, and how you talk to your peers. JROTC helps you by preparing you for the future that is ahead of you. You learn leadership through discipline and instructions. It’s devoted to your growth, as a student and as a person. Being in this program does not mean that you have to join the Army. In this program every one is a part of a unit. You don't handle things just for yourself; you always have to think about others around you. In JROTC you do more than in any other class. You go outside and drill, do uniform wear, do physical training on Fridays. Doing these activities you learn the commands, and you also gain confidence in
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