100 Hours of Community Service

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8 February 2014 Period 6 Giving Community 100 Hours for Your Diploma The District of Columbia was one of the first large school districts to include community service as a graduation requirement. The community service requirement aims to equip students with the necessary skills and abilities for careers as well as to motivate students to take an active role as leaders in their communities. Community service hours also appear on your high school transcripts, which leads to an upper hand in the college of your choice. College administrators love seeing youth take a role and help their communities; there are so many helpful advantages to this requirement. I for one agree with school boards requiring 100 hours of community service to graduate. If you don’t look at it as a have to do and instead as a want to do it will all work out and amend you as a person while gaining more opportunities for your future, all because you took time to volunteer in your community. To begin with, community service records would give students a better chance to get into a god college. Community service is said to look very good on a college application because it shows involvement and selflessness. Requiring such services would be perfect if you truly care about your students and their future education and careers. It also has the opportunity to get them connected with people in their community of higher power, who could write them a recommendation letter in the future. In addition, students who work as volunteers gain an understanding of their self-worth. Teenagers who get volunteered with family businesses, helping the homeless, cleaning up the community or even farms have a sense of themselves as contributors. This sense of importance may get lost when parents do everything for their children. Doing community service allows teenagers to see the value of their work, as well as

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