High School's Should Not Require Community Service

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All American high school students should have to complete community service in order to graduate because people should always be involved in some type of community service, not only in high school, but in every stage of life. Some teenagers need help building their work ethic, and level of motivation towards work and helping others. Getting into the habit of volunteering for community service is hardly a negative aspect of a high school student's character. It would seem prudent that the students also receive appropriate recognition for their efforts as community service volunteers, so as to offset any possibility of them feeling taken for granted. The recognition could have to do with the students arriving on time to their place of service, along with their performance while carrying out their service, and how many hours of service they complete. Often, many people do not volunteer for community service, because they have no experience with it, and thus lack any basic foundations with reaching out and helping others. This is unfortunate, because this world would be a much better place if only more people in each community offered a helping hand towards helping others reach a higher potential within themselves. There would be so many more individuals/families walking around with positive attitudes, rather than the abundance of negativity that is so prevalent in today’s society. Many young people don't fully realize how great the need is for their help, and the high number of people that are praying for a little assistance in their poverty-stricken lives. We can all help, and we should help. The sooner we start helping others in life, the better, for this to become an integral part of our lives, and not simply a chore or a temporary project. The positive impact this would have on each community, far outweighs any negative aspects, especially since this

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