Argumentative Essay: The Welfare System In America

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The welfare system in America is broken. It was originally designed to help people that cannot find jobs or cannot work but that is not exactly what it is doing. Not all people who are on welfare really need it and it is causing some people to be denied. Many families do not want to rely on the federal government because they do not want to be looked at as poor or that they cannot provide for their own family without extra help from others. A lot of people lie about what they do and do not do and conservatives and liberals ignore it when they know what is happening. There should be requirements for everyone before they get anything from the government. Welfare was formed to save money and to provide better living for all people. There are many…show more content…
There is the mentally ill, disabled, elderly, able bodied but lazy, and those who work low paying jobs. Each group should have their own set of requirements they need to meet before they receive any money. One thing that should be a requirement for everyone is getting a drug test before anything else. Why should someone doing drugs receive any money? They could just be lying to get more money for their drugs. They should all at least try to get work a little for the free money they are getting. Even if they cannot find a job they could still contribute to their community. They could volunteer in a soup kitchen or help pick up trash in their community. Even the disabled can help with their community. The disabled could listen to troubled youth or talk to young adults telling them how important it is to get a job and keep it so they have money to support themselves and a family one day without struggling. Getting a job or helping their community would help them feel better about themselves knowing they are helping others that might be in a situation like them. It would also help them learn important skills that would make it easier to get jobs in the
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