The Non Traditional Student's Success

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Adam Ismond Cheri Brown ENG 0950, Section 116 31 July 2012 The Nontraditional Student’s Success Nontraditional students are more motivated to succeed in getting their education. These students have everything on the line, and for most of them, there are no other options. Some educators believe that students who graduated from high school should get a job for a few years and learn the importance of being self-reliant in order to see what an education can do for them. This was stated by Andrew Braaksma, the author of “Some Lessons from the Assembly Line.” The nontraditional student can have a higher success rate than a traditional student. A nontraditional student generally has more responsibilities than the traditional student. They often have families to support, mortgages to pay, or good jobs so that they can live better lives. For these reasons, nontraditional students are motivated to succeed. Motivation is what drives us to complete our goals, and the nontraditional student has plenty of motivation. The nontraditional student has likely had time to mature in areas, like learning respect for earning an honest living. A more mature person will not be interested in getting into trouble and will be more focused. Settling down with someone and partying less are both examples of a nontraditional student’s maturity. Having time off of school to get rid of bad habits that develop will help nontraditional students further their education and succeed in the future. When considering a nontraditional student versus a traditional student, it is helpful to look at what each brings to the table. A traditional student more than likely does not know what they want to do for a profession or how they want to live their lives. Getting out of high school and going straight to college gives them no time to prepare for what is in store for them. Joining fraternities and

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