High School Drop Out

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Should Students Have the Right to Drop Out of School at Any Age? In the tradition sense, a solid education background or advanced degree can guarantee a good career. Based on this perspective, students should work hard and finish school. However in reality, new data from the state Department of Education shows “More than 1 in 5 public school students in the county will drop out of school by their senior year”. However, if students have the right reason to drop out of school due to their personality and personal interest, family issues, or they have own business, they should be able to decide their future since talent is not based solely on academics. Personality and personal interest are a crucial factor for student to drop out. Because of the family environment or personal disability, a student may not understand the way the teacher teaches. The student may grow with negative attitude to teacher and course, which prevents the student to absorb knowledge. Students prefer to learn by themselves. For example, in China, many students learn by themselves before National Higher Education Entrance Examination. Second, students can learn theories in school, they are not used to this study method, and they would rather learn from real life lessons, so they drop out. In addition, some students may not want to spend time in high school or college because they want to graduate faster and get a job, which is going to vocation school. Family issues are also one of the important factors for students to drop out. Sometime student have no choice to go to school, because they need to take care of their family members, especially if they have senior members or younger member in the family. In this case, eighty percent students will be more likely to drop out from school. Financial problem is also a big issue for student. The huge gap between rich and poor in this
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