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A sensible idea indeed: America is no doubt a society of diverse cultures, and this diversity is increasing every instant. The upcoming generation requires more skills to live and communicate in this ilk of society. Studying other cultures in school time can be of great help in this regard. Firstly, the motive of school education is not to produce career oriented students, but to produce better human beings who can live and share the world with others on better terms. Keeping this in mind, students should be made to study subjects that can help them understand their surroundings, and their neighbors. This can help them to develop a good rapport in a diverse society. Secondly, social sciences, if the curriculum helps to widen the scope, can eliminate the hesitation that keeps people away from coming onto friendly terms with each other. People from different societies will be able to intermingle with ease and comfort if given the opportunity of understanding each other. Once this reluctance is overcome our society will improve dramatically. It is a proven truth that the betterment and improvement of any social system depends upon the depth of the relationship which its individuals enjoy. Moreover, educating students about diverse cultures can help them understand their own culture in a better manner. Contrasting their own trends and ideas with others, is a very good way of understanding that what is better and why. The juvenile minds will not only learn about other cultures, but will also get closer to their own culture. They will start developing an affection for their own culture, when they will compare and see the differences. Furthermore, human beings are always in search of better opportunities. Studying diverse cultures from a very early age, can help the upcoming youth in developing a better common culture, one that contains many different trends

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