Successful Student Essay

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Personal Responsibility Essay Foundations for General Education and Professional Success/200 04/1/2013 Joseph Trimarche What would be considered the personal responsibility of a successful student? defines responsibility as “the state or fact of being responsible, answerable, or accountable for something within one’s power, control, or management” ( Unabridged. 2013), but what would be consider as “within one’s power” or control? As a student, he or she can find themselves piled with the burdens of class, schedules, and deadlines that must be met in order to remain as a student. This can be very daunting, for very few have actually taken steps to ensure that they will become successful during their trials and tribulations of student life. So how could a student take a personal outlook on college success and make it so that they take responsibility for it? There are many steps that could be taken, but through personal involvement with school, this writer feels as though that there are three key elements to student success. If a student were to take a personal responsibility to prepare, evaluate, and plan their college requirements, they can guarantee his or her success while pursuing their education. Preparing for success in school might seem like an easy enough task, but when the responsibility finally falls on the student, he or she is often caught off guard. defines preparation as a way “to put in proper condition or readiness” ( Unabridged. 2013), and by following exactly as the illustration suggests, a student can take charge of their success. A student could begin this task by first gathering information about upcoming courses. Often times, students rely on having everything provided for them within the first week of their course, when in fact most teachers expect for a student to
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