Diversity Issues In Criminal Justice

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Diversity Issues in Criminal Justice 2600.001 Social Construction is a norm that is created by society to persuade females and males into what occupations, groups, accessories, and ways of lifestyle that are accepted and what is not accepted by society making them outcasts. There are also standard implications for racial groups that divide race into perspective groups as well. Another contributing factor is class, people from a certain class level stay within their group and it is difficult to overcome the social norm and ascend the ladder of the classes. Our analysis of diversity issues created by the social norm of the people was in the aspects of the clothing, media, occupations, athletics and literature. There is an implied social…show more content…
Traditional blue collar occupations are dominated by males, while women remain concentrated in service and clerical positions. There are also many stereotypes, such as the occupation of nurses being only connected to women. Male nurses are often criticized for entering an occupation that is dominated by females. The same can be said about construction workers, which are nearly all males, along with jobs in the military. These factors may be due to occupational segregation, which is when workers are excluded from certain jobs due to various circumstances regarding gender and class. It is important that our society accepts different genders in all occupations, but the social norm about women or African Americans being accepted in any occupation is far from being reached without being…show more content…
The glass ceiling effect also applies to class differences in the workplace. Class often distinguishes your career and social status from birth. If someone is born poor, there is a great chance that he or she will also grow up without money and they won’t be able to have a good paying job. Wealthy families have many options and resources to provide for their children and families. This is seen through education, professional networking and family help. This is also shown by the number of people attending college and earning degrees and eventually finding well-paying jobs. It is important that looking forward, we try and give people from all classes an equal chance to succeed in their individual occupations. We should motivate low class children to continue their school since the government can help for it so they overcome the social norm of mediocre

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