Bill Guinter And School Counseling

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Interview Results and Analysis for Bill Guinter and School Counseling Counseling 5280 Introduction to School Counseling Andrea Surovi The role of the professional school counselor has changed over the years. In the past, counselors worked with individuals and at the high school level focused on career counseling. When the ASCA National Model was created and adopted in 2005, “guidance counselors” became professional school counselors. The National Model and the ASCA National standards for Students (2004) offered a clear outline of what counselors were expected to do and how to implement the material. The interview offered the opportunity to see how well or not the standards and model have been adopted. The understanding now gained…show more content…
Guinter (2011) feels it is essential to have many stakeholders to support and maintain an effective program. Guinter is also a professor at a local private university serves on many boards and uses these connections to collaborate with the school counseling program. He encourages the counselors to attend school board meetings to make their presence known. It is important to go out into the community to find people who support the schools and are positive role models to come into the schools to build recognition. Having those people show how school has provided them with success motivates the students whether they are college bound or not. It is this piece of collaboration that could make or break a student’s choice to stay in school. (Guinter,2011) These high school students must volunteer ten hours in the community as part of the graduation requirement. If possible, providing volunteer opportunities where these high school students may see how fortunate they are would be a way to improve collaboration. The non-profit agencies are usually in need of volunteers. At the elementary level in a poverty stricken environment, Miller is is contact with local non profit agencies who provide services to those in need. It may be reduced utility bills, community meals at local churches, clothing and low cost housing. The elementary school could follow the high schools lead and locate those people in the community that through school became successful. There is a man who was an assistant in Cleveland Public Schools who grew up in the projects; saw gangs and drugs; was raised by a single mother with five or six siblings. He knew that that life was not for him. Through the military, he attended college, earned a masters degree in psychology, got married and is quite successful. These stories are out there to find and inspire these children to know that
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