Homeschool vs. Public School Essay

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Homeschool vs. Public School In the United States, by law everyone must attend school. Are there exceptions to this rule, it is a law that is strictly enforced. By law, the ages in which one must attend school is between 5 and 16, thus it is the responsibility of the parents to make sure that their children are an active student in some type of educational system whether it is homeschool or public school. Equally, Homeschooling and Public schools are effective ways of education, conditional upon one’s academic needs. Follow me on this educational journey into both. Homeschooling is a choice that some parents sometimes choose to provide their children elementary, middle or high school education in their own home with academic courses taught by a parent, family member, or a tutor. Public schooling is an elementary or secondary school in the United States supported by public funds and delivers free education for children of a city, community, or district. Let us start this journey, by examining the pros of each of the academic options that are being discussed. The public school system is often the first choice for parents considering that they may have received public education, so they in turn choose this option for their child’s educational needs. Children that attend public schools get a ton of social interaction, which is good for learning effective communicate with others. Teachers that teach in any school must have secondary education and must be state certified. Another pro about public schools is that they offer extracurricular activities such as sports, band, chorus, and cheerleading. Being involved in extracurricular activities helps students build their confidence and social skills, but also gives them a chance to do something that they enjoy besides academic classes. Now that we have touched on some of the pros of public school, let’s
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