The Effectiveness of Peer Mediation in Schools

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Peer Mediation 1 Running Head: PEER MEDIATION IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS The Effectiveness of Peer Mediation in Elementary Schools A Student A University Peer Mediation 2 Precis If counselors provide a parent education course to cover the conflict resolution ideas applied in schools, would overall behavior improve? Schools in which counselors implement school based peer mediation for conflict resolution show and improvement in overall student behavior. In Las Vegas, Nevada, the Clark County School Board and Clark County Social Services provide a comprehensive school-based mediation program for 2,500 students. An evaluation in 1995 found that peer mediators successfully resolved 86 percent of the conflicts that they mediated. There were fewer conflicts and fights, and the mediators skills and self-esteem improved (OJJDP, 1997). Another study conducted covered parental involvement and student outcomes. Yap and Enoki (2001) found that significant relationships appear to exist between home-based parental involvement activities and student achievement as measured by a norm-referenced test. I feel that combining these two aspects would show an immense improvement on overall behavior in the schools and at home. Counselors, teachers and administrators could implement a parent education course to meet once a month covering the method of conflict resolution and peer mediation in school. During this time, parents would be able to express concerns that they might experience at home. Teachers and counselors would be able to share ideas and strategies of conflict resolution and mediation so that they may be able to introduce at home. By doing so, hopefully the behaviors displayed at home and school will be enhanced and students overall achievement will improve. Peer Mediation 3

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