School Uniforms Should Be Required

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One of the most popular debates amongst public schools today is whether or not students should be required to wear uniforms. While many schools have already established a policy mandating school uniforms, there are still many more schools who have not decided yet. Some say a mandatory uniform policy in public schools encourages more concentration on learning, while others say it hinders the creativity and individuality in students. However, uniforms can benefit students by creating an environment in which the students are able to focus solely on furthering their education. Students in grades kindergarten through twelve should be required to wear uniforms because it creates school unity, is safer, and it helps students develop a higher self-esteem. School uniforms makes students feel more connected with their school and classmates creating school unity. When students pay more attention to what name brands their peers are or are not wearing, the school becomes segregated making the poor students seem as outcasts. However, "when the emphasis is off fashion," students become united as one and are able to focus more on learing ("Wear a School Uniform"). Wearing school colors can make a student feel more proud of their school. School uniforms can promote unity the same as a football team's uniform can. Knowing they are a part of something larger, students can also gain more self-confidence due to a sense of belonging. Students that seem to be more connected are less likely to participate in bad behaviors. Due to the school being united there is less competition among students and more focus on their education and achieving goals. Schools without uniform policies have more issues with discipline and safety. Bullying is an increasingly common issue among students; it often stems from students being teased for wearing cheap or unfashionable clothing. Schools with uniform
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