Pro School Uniforms

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Pro School Uniforms Today’s schools have many internal problems such as bullying, lost class time, and intruders. These problems can simply be corrected by the use of school uniforms. School uniforms are distinct articles of clothing worn by students to match one another and show unity. The characteristic unity is a group coming together as a whole, or a sense of belonging. Students should always feel that they belong to the school for the right reason: getting an education in a safe and friendly environment. A survey carried out by the Department for Education & Skills revealed that 83% of parents are in favor of school uniforms, claiming that they contribute to better school standards and good behavior(Shaw, Michael). The use of school uniforms would tremendously cut down on bullying, lost class time, and intruders. Hundreds of kids come home from school each day with hurt feelings. Their feelings being hurt by fellow students, also know as bullies. Being bullied can lower ones self esteem to a point of destruction one of the main reasons children are bullied at school is because of the types of clothes they are wearing or not wearing. Some families are not as fortunate as others and therefore can not afford to spend money on expensive name brand clothing. It is noted that some believe school uniforms remove the issue of competitive dressing and help children from poorer backgrounds who would otherwise find it difficult to keep up with the latest fashion trends(McDermott, Patrick). In addition, some school heads believe that school uniforms vanishes social, economic and class divisions and inculcate a sense of pride in students(McCarthy, Lisa). A way bullying can be minimized is by enforcing the use of school uniforms. This way all students are wearing the same clothing, leaving no room for judgment. A large fraction of class time is
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