Should Students Wear Uniforms In School?

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Four years ago, my dad decided that I should attend Denou high school, where students wear uniforms, because he thought that students will be safe, become more discipline and he can spend less money. When I did go there, I was extremely disappointed. The uniform did not do much affect on the students. There were still students who bully other students, and money was used in school uniforms. I understand his idea, but the fact is that uniforms did not help the students. One of the critical reasons parents believe that students to wear school uniforms is that uniforms provide safety for students. What they mean is that it will eliminate bullying and violence in schools since students will not judge each other on what they wear. Parents also mention that since all the students wear the same uniform, it is easier to identify people that are not from the school, creating a better safety for the students. Another important reason parents explain is that in a uniform-worn high school, students seem to act more discipline. Uniforms can also get students more focused into education and give everyone equality. It can also give students an experience of wearing ties, blazer, or vast. They get to learn that golf shirts must be tucked in and how to tie a tie. The last reason parents point out is that they can spend less money on uniform than clothes. Statistics does show that show who wear uniforms spend approximately 80 dollars less than to those students who wear clothes with logos. This is a great way for students to not get pressured for their parents to buy clothes where some families can't afford. These are all good theories, but there are major flaws in all of the arguments. While it may be true that students will be safe from being bullied on the clothes they wear, it will not completely prevent the bullying and the violence. The problem

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