School Uniforms In Public Schools

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Every couple of months when tuning into the news, it’s often heard of debates about public schools bringing in school uniforms. It’s often thought that the uniforms will solve multiple problems such as violence, behavior, and safety of the attending students. It is also said that it will help parents with expenses because they won’t have to keep up with the demands of expensive clothing from teenagers today. If your opinion made a difference in the decision of wearing school uniforms at your school, would you choose to wear them or be against the idea? Do you believe school uniforms make a difference in the lives of students attending schools? In the opinion of most high school students today, uniforms won’t make a difference. Around the world students are required to wear school uniforms to help their education. As of 2006 roughly one in five schools in the United States had some type of dress requirement. (“Update: School Uniforms.”) Schools in the United States are getting stricter when it comes to dress codes. More and more schools are beginning to follow the dress code policy. Nation wide schools began to use mandatory dress codes to maintain social order and for various academic reasons. (“Update: School Uniforms.”) Principals and Board of Education directors believe having dress codes will help improve learning ability in students. Uniforms send a message to outsiders that those wearing them belong to a community where strict standards of conduct are upheld. (“School Uniforms.”) This is showing that some people think uniforms are showing the area they live in is strict. Dress codes affect learning in various ways. Uniforms are still a sense of discipline in the student body by eliminating distractions. When kids aren’t wearing designer clothing they can’t make fun of each other about the way they dress so they have more focus on

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