The Power of School Uniforms

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The Power of the School Uniform People make many difficult decisions everyday that possibly may change the future. When we think of future, we think of the young students and how our future depends on them. The awgovernment continues to find ways to increase school’s ways of enhancing young students’ minds. Enforcing Uniforms became a strong focus as a solution. Kent J. Fetzer expressed, “Our biggest problem with a school uniform policy is the anti-individuality message it sends.” He feels students lose their freedom when forced to conform to only certain apparels. He believes in letting students experience freedom in order to learn how to act responsibly. I strongly believe teens need to learn how to act responsibly at a young age to develop skills for the future, but I refuse to believe that uniforms take away individuality. In contrast to Fetzer’s beliefs, Mike Kelly proclaimed, "Uniforms instill discipline, help students focus on their studies and eliminate pressure on parents to outfit their kids." He believes uniforms help parents as well as the students. The private schools are no longer the only schools requiring the students to wear uniforms. I agree with Kelly’s proclamation that uniforms increase studying and take pressure off of parents. I also believe that uniforms help students to see themselves differently from the inside instead of just the outside. Generally schools require students to wear uniforms for the desire to increase the students’ academic levels. Many critics rebuttal that uniforms “infringe on student’s First Amendment right of free expression” (Kelly). Although the use of uniforms might take away some of a student’s freedom of picking what new outfit to wear every morning, to exercise the use of uniforms in a school environment gives the students more time to focus on their homework after school rather than

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