Dress Codes in High School; Yes or No?

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There are lots of opinions about school uniforms and dress codes in school. What reasons do people have for opposing or agreeing with these codes? Those who agree with the codes say they help minimize or solve problems within the school. Those who oppose say the codes invade on the students’ freedom of speech and personal liberty. There are many positive and negative effects to requiring uniforms and dress codes in school. One negative effect school dress codes and uniforms have on students is the fact students feel they can’t express themselves the way they feel. Many who oppose of dress codes and uniforms say they can’t get up in the morning and wear what they feel like for that day. Students feel if they want to dress down that day and wear sweatpants they should be allowed to. Sara Jane wears dresses almost every day to school. She says she likes them and they show who she is and her sense of style. According to “Uniforms, Dress Codes, and Choice,” by Arturo Reyes “Those opposed to uniforms and dress codes argue that they infringe on the students’ right to express themselves.” Many kids like Sara Jane can’t express themselves through their clothes, and in some schools their right to do so is not fulfilled. However, people who agree to dress codes and uniforms say it makes the school as a whole look neater. When there are codes limiting to what students can wear they won’t wear anything too indecent. Teachers, parents, and students will be more proud to represent their school when everyone looks nicely dressed and decent. Also when people outside of the school notices how well-dressed everyone in the school looks it’ll make a good impression. When the students look good, so does the school. Another positive effect school uniforms and dress codes have on students and their schools is it helps lessen social and economic

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