Dress Codes in School

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Dress Codes in Schools Kelly Mennillo Com/220 Due: 4/22/12 Kelly Munoz Some people believe that our schools should require their students to adapt to a dress code to improve student behavior, enhance students’ self-confidence, and reduce differences among socioeconomic levels. Others may say that policies enforcing dress codes, or requiring school uniforms violate students’ First Amendment rights, and suppress individuality. The argument over school dress codes and school-uniform policies continue to rage in the meeting rooms, administrative officers, and classrooms of public schools throughout the country. School officials place dress code policies so there will be orderly dressing amongst the students’. Dress codes are important, but they are troublesome at the same time. There is no one to police the dress code of the students when they arrive at school. At the same time, the same dress code placed among the students should be the same as the educators. Schools should be a learning institution full of knowledge for young eager minds and not a meeting place for the latest fashion contest. A recent study conducted in schools from frenchtoast.com was to see if the schools had as improved the tolerance and sense of belonging, to increased safely and academic performance. These studies have shown that a fixed dress code does promote good behavior and helps students achieve higher test scores. However, parents have expressed concerns because their child or children are not allowed to express who he or she truly is. (BlueSuitMom) Another issue that has many people worried throughout the United States is the rising cost of these uniforms to stay in compliance with the schools dress codes. Many cities like Long Beach, California, Dade County, Florida, and Houston, Texas in which the school itself provides two to three
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