Should Uniforms Be Worn in Public Schools

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MaCoHigh Instructor McCauley ENC 1101 February 27, 2012 Should Uniforms Be Worn In Public Schools? Many parents argue about whether or not uniforms is a good fit for their children to wear to a public school. Uniforms are a good fit for a public school just as we as it is for a private school. If kids were enforced to wear uniforms to school it could solve a lot of issues: Kids won't be picking at other kids because of their clothes, staffs do not have to worry about whether or not the student outfit is inappropriate or not, and students could help promote themselves for future workplaces. Often students are being picked on at school because of the clothing that they are wearing. Every child cannot afford to wear name brand and keep up with the latest trends. Some parents may have one or more students to buy for than others, and will may not be able to afford to buy trending clothes for all their kids. Wearing uniforms all the students would be dress similar to each other with their choice of wearing a blue or white collar shirt with a pair of khaki pants or shorts and skirts for the boys. If uniforms laws was enforced at public schools, there would be less students breaking the school dress code policy. Students who are not required to wear uniforms to school are at a higher chance to violating the school dress code than students that are required to wear uniforms. Students could avoid wearing clothes that is not gang related or showing too much skin by wearing uniforms. Uniforms would be a good fit because it allows students to wear business type of clothing. Uniforms would help students focus more on their academics than on their social lives. It will also help students to prepare for their future jobs. "In addition, some people think that you can't express yourself while following a dress code" (Brosnan 7). Although, students are only
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