Should Schools Have a Dress Code? Essay

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Schools that have free dress always have a dress code, making sure students don’t wear something that would be distracting. The clothes include tops, bottoms, shoes, hats, belts, jewelry. A lot of people wear things with inappropriate pictures or words on them that has a lot to do with the rules. Girls wear things that show too much skin and are distracting to other people, or things that don’t fit them correctly. Guys sag their pants and shorts which violates most rules. Although, what people wear shows their personality and how they are. It let’s them be themselves, letting them have individuality. Not all people wear things that shouldn’t be worn to school. It helps students understand what’s okay and what isn’t okay, giving them a limit. Schools that have uniforms usually have it that way for a reason. Whether it’s from someone showing too much skin, or supporting something that wasn’t appropriate for school, helps students focus more on school work. Uniforms help prevent students being judged by what they are or are not wearing. Usually private schools have uniforms more often then public schools, and it keeps the focus on school and not on who is wearing what. Some students might wear what they want anyways, or re-designing their uniforms themselves to add their own style to it, which might or might not be allowed. There could also be financial problems with uniforms. Parents might not be able to afford them. With schools so focused on dress codes and uniforms, they won’t focus on other important things such as bullying and violence. Uniforms put everyone on a level field as far as clothing goes, where as free dressing allows everyone to express themselves, and their personality. Uniforms usually aren’t too pricey, and sometimes the school with have discounts based on families economic standing, putting less pressure on both student and parent.

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