Public School Should Be Required To Wear Uniform

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Public School should be required to wear uniform “What should I wear today”? That is a question that has been asked for decades by public school children everywhere. But in some schools, the answer is always the same. Schools nationwide are debating whether or not their schools will join the thousands who have chosen to have their students wear school uniforms. Many public school systems across the country are instituting school uniforms in an effort to improve overall school performance and to reduce negative behavior. The use of school uniforms is a topic of hot debate among parents and school administrators. Some argue the benefits of school uniforms, while others believe that the downsides are far more numerous. While you probably cannot influence what your school has already decided, you may have a voice on the issue of school uniforms in PTA meetings. School uniforms are a great way to maintain the level of social equality amongst the students of public schools. The concept of knowing the social background is avoided. As such, personal biases are not formed and merit is the only deciding factor. It makes kids more likely to treat each other equally; not judging by what clothes they wear. Wearing uniform builds a sense of belonging, ambassadorship and loyalty in the students. Due to the fact that all the students will be dressing in similar attire, which will be unique to the school, the students will develop a sense of ambassadorship and loyalty to the school. I myself grew up in Caribbean where uniform is worn everyday to school by students starting from age 3 which pre-schoolers to 26 year olds that are in college. We really did not have a choice weather we wear the uniforms or not which I think was a excellent decision by the Minister of Education because its one less thing for us as kids to worry about when

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