Should school unifroms be mandatory?

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Should school uniforms be mandatory? That is the question being debated by many school districts around the United States. Many parents are against the idea, but there are also many parents wanting school uniforms to be mandatory in the school system that their children attend. There are several pros and cons on whether school uniforms should be mandatory. After talking with several parents, and reading up on what the experts are saying about the issue, self expression, cost and being comfortable in the learning environment are reasons why I vote against making school uniforms mandatory. An important part of child development is self expression. Many students express who they are through they way they dress. Students begin to develop their own sense of personal style, wanting to fit in and distinguish themselves from one another. Many teenagers use clothing to show, or prove their individuality. Some experts believe that students who are forced to wear uniforms will find other ways to express themselves which are less appropriate, such as the use of makeup and jewelry. Negative creativity can be caused by making school uniforms mandatory. Students may rebel, (MaryLou Tousignant, 1996) which can cause more arguments and fights on campus. Chris Parks, a member of the Neosho R-5 Board of Education said, “From a developmental standpoint, self expression is an integral part of our journey to adulthood. As long as a students dress is not disruptive, students should be given the responsibility of following school policy until they demonstrate a lack of willingness to follow it”. (Neosho Daily News). School uniforms being mandated does not prepare a child for the real world. They will still be judged by first impressions which usually stems from their appearances. Cost is another big issue regarding making school uniforms mandatory. Some school officials

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