Uniform Policy Essay

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Anel Zequera April 11, 2011 Mrs. Nunez English 1301 Uniform Policy Uniform policies can be very brutal and too strict. Many high schools choose to have uniforms so that students can focus more on school academics and not in the way they look or dress. Schools try to do what’s best for the student, not for punishment; without all of these rules, what can I school do to help out their students education and future? School uniforms should be allowed because it helps the students concentrate on the work and not what another student looks like or how they are capable of dressing. School uniforms are to be used to limit skin exposure and anything gang related to prevent anything that might harm students or symbolize anything unsafe. In some cases, students rebel and try to make the uniform look according to the way they want to be portrayed as but the reality in that is that the policy isn’t going to let them do this. Students need to oblige to the uniforms given to them and not complain because it can get much worse than just putting on a simple shirt that you have to wear every day. Take for instance IDEA School; their uniform policy is VERY strict and they only allow you to wear what they want you to wear not what you think belongs to the uniform. In this school, the students are only allowed to wear the school t-shirt, cakey pants, closed toed shoes, and a belt that won’t let your pants sag down to your knees or farther. Now that is very strict! Some other schools have it way better than IDEA; like my high school, T-STEM. All we have to wear is a yellow t-shirt and that’s it. Yet we complain about the color of the shirt and the way it looks on us and some even complain about it not being their color. In other countries, some school enforce the uniforms make different ones for boy and girl students. Usually, according to the school colors or maybe just to
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