Teachers Should Not Carry Guns on Campus

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Gun arming on campus As everyone knows, talking about guns is a popular but sensitive thing in the USA. People love guns because they feel safe carrying the gun. This is an awareness of self-protection. Also, people feels cool and proud when they talking about how they are familiar with guns. However, it is also a sensitive and dangerous topic since more and more gun shootings happened in recent years especially on campus. After the massacre at Sandy Hook School, gun control debates have lit up on Facebook, Twitter and all over various forms of media. Understandably, most people are desperately seeking a way to prevent this from ever happening again. Perhaps one of the most extreme solutions has been the suggestion that teachers be armed with guns in the classroom. Although, many people think that it is necessary for the school teachers to carry guns on campus for the reason that they can protect children with guns. Personally, I do not think school teacher should be trained and required to carry guns on campus. Training teachers and requiring them to carry guns is a way that obey the spirit of school, it also has influence on children, teachers themselves and schools. (http://www.schoolsecurity.org/trends/arming_teachers.html) School teachers should not be trained and carry guns on campus because it is disobey the traditional spirit of school. When people think of school, a safe environment for students to learn comes to mind. Students learn knowledge happily and safety. However, when people think about gun, they always think about violence, danger and unsafe environment. Therefore, an environment for safe learning should not have guns. The school hires school security to protect the campus and they should be enough protection. School should be a holy place for children but require teachers be armed can only make the place worse. Schools should not be the

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