Should School Uniforms Be Made Mandatory at High Schools Across Ontario?

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School uniforms should not be made mandatory at all high schools in Ontario. They shouldn’t be mandatory because they can be very expensive and out of some people’s price range, they discourage self expression and they can boost rivalry between schools. First of all, school uniforms can be an expensive investment every year that some families could struggle with. Some families might struggle to be able to afford the uniform every year and might have to go with the option of getting used uniform. Some kids get bullied for only being able to afford a used uniform. Because teenagers grow so much, it’s a yearly hassle for families and a big price tag every year that they shouldn’t have to worry about. Because uniforms cause financial stress annually, they should not be mandatory. Secondly, teenagers are looking for ways to stand out from the crowd especially during the high school years. Forcing and limiting them to wear a uniform can limit their ways to stand out from a crowd. The way you dress is a normal way for people to express themselves and limiting teenagers to that makes them try to stand out in other ways that are not always good. They could get into bad habits or it could affect their grades and school. Religious people also would have trouble accepting the uniform because of their morals and values and the way they dress. Having a mandatory uniform limits teenager’s creativity and their expressive side. Lastly, the uniform can be harmful to schools image because some schools may have nicer uniforms than others causing other schools to envy them and not feel equal and uniforms are all about making everyone equal. Students will most likely be in their uniforms after school hours. If some students are caught up in bad behavior it can make the school look bad and gain a reputation. Also, when students don't agree with the uniform they wear many of them alter

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