Why School Uniforms Should Be Mandated

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Why Uniforms Should Be Mandated For as long as I can remember, I have always worn uniforms to school. Growing up I never had a problem with wearing uniforms; I actually liked them. A lot of people may be against school uniforms, but I am for it. School uniforms should be mandated in all public schools because it prevents bullying, it saves time, and it saves money. First, mandating uniforms in public schools can prevent kids from getting bullied. Bullying is a big issue in schools nowadays. Kids can be so critical when it comes to judging others. Kids will judge other kids by what they’re wearing, if kids don’t wear certain brand names they’re not considered part of the cool kids and they will exclude them from their group. Kids who wear uniforms don't have to worry about what people think about their outfit and they can focus more on their studies and schoolwork. Second, mandating uniforms in public schools will save everyone time in the mornings. Mornings are already rough, and having to pick out an outfit and to make sure everything matches, it can get pretty stressful. If everyone is like me, I have tons of clothes, but I can never find anything to wear. When wearing school uniforms, there’s no worry in the morning. Also, there are no worries about clothes matching because uniforms already match. Last, mandating uniforms in public schools will save parents money. Nowadays it’s all about having the latest fashion. If uniforms aren’t mandated then parents have to keep buying their kids clothes every month to keep them happy. Public schools aren’t strict on the brand names of the uniforms and people will never tell where you bought them. Parents can look for sales so they don’t have to spend that much money. There are many reasons why all public schools have uniforms, such as it prevents bullying, it saves time,
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