Should a Uniform Be Enforced In Public Schools

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Amanda Garnett Professor Taheri English 1301 April 28, 2010 Should a Uniform Policy be enforced in public Schools? Diversity or uniformity, which would you choose? It’s been an ongoing debate whether or not a uniform policy should be enforced in all public schools. David L. Hudson states, “…the responsibility remains with the school and its community to maintain an environment open to diversity and to educate and support its students as they confront ideas different from their own.” (Hudson) While school uniforms were primarily in private schools, public schools wanted to adopt the idea. It may have been only in 1987 that the first public school to introduce school uniforms was Cherry Hill Elementary School in Baltimore, Maryland. Educators have been disputing whether uniforms can be a useful tool in improving children’s learning skills or if they stifle students’ freedom of expression. Uniforms are good for a learning environment. According to an article in a San Francisco newspaper, “Public schools don’t violate students’ freedom of expression by requiring them to wear uniforms. The Clark County School districts policies were not intending to squelch free speech but instead were aimed at ‘creating an educational environment free from the distractions, dangers, and disagreements that result when student clothing choices are left unrestricted,’ said Judge Michael Hawkins.” (Egelko) If there is not a distraction of what people are wearing, there is more of a chance that students would focus more on learning. School is not holding a fashion show! Students are the leaders of tomorrow and the outrageous outfits worn by students need not to distract them. According to an opposing viewpoints resource center it says, “Uniforms instill discipline, helps students focus on their studies and eliminate

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